Pleasant greetings. This is Gift Tarupiwa and it’s my trust that you’re doing well. Through sharing the learning I get from my experience in life, I am committed to inspiring you into becoming the best version of yourself.

Today my articulation is centred on Knowledge. The quality and outcome of our lives are determined by what we know. This is a reality that can not be moved by any means whatsoever. Whatever we do is a result of what we know. Knowledge is essentially the heart of mankind’s life. As humans, we are greatly privileged to able to acquire information that can incredulously enhance our effectiveness. Knowledge is precisely the awareness of what goes on in and around our world. The more we know is the more leverage we have in life.

The antithesis of this is equally true, knowing less overtly entails having minimal advantage. My commitment in writing this article is to put within your reach some information that is surely able to take your life to the next level. Here is a discovery I made, what we don’t know we won’t do, what we don’t do we won’t experience, what we don’t experience we won’t become and what we don’t become we won’t live. Knowledge being the foundational component in this sequential chain of effects, is some substantial evidence as to its importance in our lives.

Being knowledgeable is unquestionably the bedrock of personal effectiveness. Knowledge brings about liberty. Whether we like it or not we are enslaved by the information we do not have. In essense, acquiring knowledge is key to self-liberation. Though we may not be living in literal prisons, we can still be imprisoned in our minds. Such imprisonment is a result of a lack of knowledge. There is nothing we can do without the tool of knowledge. In other words, knowledge enables us to do that which we have the potential to do.

Take for example; Let’s say you have a fully fuelled and serviced car at your disposal and you don’t know how to drive. Though your body would allow you to drive, if you don’t have knowledge on how to drive it you’re just like someone who is physically handicapped. Simply put, Knowledge enables us to do more than what we can do by default. In a nutshell, what we know is the root of all the skills we have. Skills are the tools that help us achieve more with less effort and in so doing making life easier. When knowledge is acquired, it comes with seeds of a new perspective.

Perspective is the way one looks at life which when embraced and adopted will define their overall understanding. And finally, how one understands things around life is what make up their belief system. The direction, quality and overall outcome of our lives is hinged on what we believe as true. All these consequential effects sprout from knowledge. My lengthy study on mankind has brought me to the understanding that knowledge contributes to a greater extent to self-confidence and value. One who is knowledgeable becomes immovable and valuable.

No matter how much we can try, we will never hide ignorance for long. In one way or another one who doesn’t know will be exposed. Living without knowledge is the most tragic thing that can ever happen to you. At any cost, we ought to use every time and resource we have to seek knowledge. Knowledge provides the value that promotes and quickens personal growth. A young person who acquires knowledge stands a great chance to outgrow an older counterpart who is not knowledgeable. As humans, we stand out from other living beings because of our ability to upgrade our skills through the acquisition of Knowledge.

This is an advantage we have to utilize, or else there won’t be any difference between us and other mammals. Being knowledgeable is also a strong defence and immunity against the manipulative schemes of others. There is a great risk of being mentally enslaved by other people if we’re not fully aware of what really goes on in the phenomenon of life. In so far as my emphasis is on the importance of acquiring knowledge, it is important that I remind you that you have to be very mindful of what you ultimately choose to believe in from all the information you get.

Knowledge is very important but at the same time, it’s not everything you’ll get to know that should be adopted as part of your philosophy. An uninformed mind is far much easier to transform than a misinformed one. Having put across this information I recommend that you seek knowledge and be vigilantly on the guard to prevent your mindset from the influence of information that does not remarkably serve your life.

Well, I trust this information is a push-forward inspiration that has left you a step further on your journey to the farthest point of self-development and actualization.

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I believe you can, I trust you will!

Be reminded of how much powerful and eligible you are ūüėČ