Pleasant greetings. This is Gift Tarupiwa and it’s my trust that you’re doing well. Through sharing the learning I get from my experience in life, I am committed to inspiring you into becoming the best version of yourself.
Life is a series of events that mostly come upon us without our consent. Because of this, we are not in a position to decide what happens to us. However, it is always within our power to choose how we respond to the unexpected turn of events in this life. Such ability is identified as Attitude. Our attitudes are the mother of the collection of perspectives we have in general. Those perspectives will then constitute our overall understanding of life. And ultimately, that understanding is the major determinant of how we will counteract the circumstances that come our way.

For this reason, who we become in life is never about what happens to us but rather how we respond to it. Having this awareness emancipates us from the bondage of our own minds. As mankind, we are collectively programmed to whine and cry foul over the unwanted things that happen to us. In so doing we hold life and some externals solely responsible for all the problems we face. Overtly, there’ll always be negative things that happen beyond our control. When we encounter such events it is important to identify the thin line between what happens to us and what happens for us.

What happens to us are the things that happen following random circumstances whilst what happens for us is that which especially happens so that our lives can be changed for the better. If something is happening for you, no matter how bad it is, there will be great value to get from it. Getting value from such an event requires you to have an attitude that allows you to identify it. Many people miss life-changing opportunities because of their negative attitudes. Negative energies like fear, stress and anxiety spring from a negative attitude towards life.

No matter what the cause for an unwanted situation is, nothing will ever change about it until we accept it and positively act towards bringing the needed change. For everything that happens, despite how it is, there is something valuable from it that you can use to your advantage. Since we can not decide what happens to us, isn’t it ideal to simply take full responsibility for how we will respond to circumstances? When you set your mind to do all you can to get the best out of every situation, you position yourself as the captain of the ship of your own life. Thus you will have power over your action in response to life.

All those who emerge as victors in life have the attitude to solve crucial problems as a common trait. By approaching life as problem solvers their overall perspective is adjusted to identify opportunities hidden in what the majority only see as problems. To be a problem solver you got to be willing to take responsibility for whatever there is in and around your life. It takes great wisdom to understand that no matter how things are, you just have to do something that could bring about the needed change. When faced with a difficult situation it is of importance that you accept however things are.

This way you will look at it without any denial. Whenever you accept how things are and you are willing to do something about it, you will always find ways through which to bring the needed change. It’s often the case that the change you wait to see will be also waiting for you to act. In writing this article I aim to inspire you into becoming a problem solver. Solving problems increases your creativity and gives you an edge in your life ventures. If only you could change your attitude, you can change your life and the world at large.

Well, I trust this information is a push-forward inspiration that has left you a step further on your journey to the farthest point of self-development and actualization.

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