Pleasant greetings. This is Gift Tarupiwa and it’s my trust that you’re doing well. Through sharing the learning I get from my experience in life, I am committed to inspiring you into becoming the best version of yourself.

The ability to live in the present while being predominantly inspired and guided by future possibilities is a prerequisite quality for everyone who would be a successful leader. Leadership is sadly one of the most misunderstood aspects of human life. This is because the mainstream education systems have done and are still doing a great job in projecting leadership as a position to be occupied when in its truest form it is a responsibility to be accepted and a capacity to be developed. Going by the true definition of leadership, every single person who comes into existence is meant and supposed to be a leader.

I know how controversial this statement is to many people. Upon hearing that everyone is meant and supposed to be a leader, the question that begins to haunt the average human being’s mind is “how can everyone be a leader?”. Well, this question has its basis on the common idea that leadership is all about leading people. All the incompetencies in the leadership circles root in this mentality. If true leadership is to be developed and practised, we must first understand that it is possible for someone to be an effective leader and yet without any leadership position. In essence, the foundation of true leadership is to responsibly lead oneself to be and do the best possible.

When leading oneself with a keen sense of purpose, others are bound to emulate you. True leaders do not seek followers. Rather, people are helplessly drawn to true leaders. Once you get to understand leadership this way, you’ll unlock the idle potential in you and begin making the most of it in maximizing your utilization of it. Now that I have defined what leadership is, let me now draw your attention to what makes one a visionary leader. Visionary leadership is premised on spending every moment of life being inspired and guided by a clearly laid out vision for the future.

To help you understand this better let me break down the two words “vision” and “future”. A vision is a set of actionable plans formulated towards the achievement of something. While the future is the next second after the present moment. Simply put, we are constantly moving into the future as we spend every second of the time we have to live. So then, visionary leadership is the ability to stay attentive to what’s happening in the moment of now, so as to promptly take actions that bring you closer to what you aim to achieve in the long run.

Visionary leadership is so simple to talk about and yet so difficult to practice. This is because of many distracting activities that constantly take place around us. However, with the aid of self-discipline, this challenge becomes smaller and smaller as you focus on what’s happening now and do what leads to the achievement of goals you have set. When developed and responsibly practised over time, visionary leadership unlocks the doorway to a smoothly progressive, constantly peaceful and greatly fulfilling life.

Well, I trust this information is a push-forward inspiration that has left you a step further on your journey to the farthest point of self-development and actualization.

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I believe you can, I trust you will!

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