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Every human action originates from imagination and intentions. The formation of the two is best identified as an idea. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we always come up with ideas before taking any action. In other words, we are motivated or driven into action by the big pictures of the potential fruits of our imaginations and intentions. Nonetheless, though we can all come up with ideas, only a few of us take the initiative to measure and determine the potential of the ideas they come up with.

For this reason, we tend to quickly discard some great ideas based on the little value we bestow on them without making any evaluation. Unless we master the art of measuring and identifying the potential of our ideas, we will hardly make the most of them. Ideas are like seeds. So, in this article, I will use the nature and development of a seed as an illustration to help you understand the art and importance of measuring and determining the potential of ideas. Only those who know what can become of a seed when sown and cultivated can greatly appreciate it.

Just as seeds won’t produce the same results when sown and cultivated, ideas bring forth different manifestations when implemented. Understanding this is the foundation for the accurate evaluation and successful realization of the potential of ideas. Some seeds don’t take long to germinate while some only begin to sprout over time. For instance, a maize seed takes about a week to germinate, whereas an avocado fruit tree seed can go for months without showing any sign of germinating. The same variance is seen in the realization of ideas. Some quickly produce maximum results while others take a while before manifesting their full potential.

To put it simply, the greater the potential of an idea, the longer it takes to be realized. When having an idea of doing something, measuring and determining its potential will help you know what it would take to fully realize it. So it’s imperative to always take time to study your ideas to determine what they will produce when implemented before getting to act on them. Once the potential of an idea is determined, getting to understand the stages of their manifestation and knowing what has to be done as you see them through each stage is the next step to take.

In this position, it will be within your reach to quantify the inputs needed to effectively realize its potential. Having done so, you will then have to come up with an actionable plan to smoothly implement it. Thereafter, the stage will be set for you to start working on turning it into reality. For the motivation to relentlessly be on that mission, always refer to the big picture of the fruits of the idea’s potential realization.

Well, I trust this information is a push-forward inspiration that has left you a step further on your journey to the farthest point of self-development and actualization.

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