Pleasant greetings. This is Gift Tarupiwa and it’s my trust that you’re doing well. Through sharing the learning I get from my experience in life, I am committed to inspire you into becoming the best version of yourself.

Due to the dynamic flow of life on this planet, it is never so easy for the average person to stay motivated. They will be times when we find ourselves doubting our potential to achieve our goals and live the life we so earnestly desire. This is part of the fixed natural phenomenons that affect us as mankind. Just as we crucially need to regulary take in food for the sustenance and nourishment of our bodies, we equally have to regulary do something to keep our souls uplifted and motivated enough to lead us to effectively achieve our goals and fulfill our purposes in this life. Let’s identify such initiative as the act of “refilling the motivation tank”.

The way we function as humans is relatively similar to how a motor vehicle operates. For any vehicle to go a long way while being driven, it has to be fueled and refueled when it is running out of fuel. The same goes for the hybrid type of vehicles. Though they alternatively use electrical energy to move, the batteries that power their engines also need to be recharged when they are running out of power. Having observed and analyzed this principle, I then understood that it is of paramount importance for us to find ways of keeping ourselves motivated as we sail through the situational and circumstantial fluctuations of this life.

For that reason, I will share with you some effective means for staying motivated all the way. These are strategies I have personally put to use and proved. They are sustainable and guarantee positive results. The first key to sustaining your motivation is discovering your life purpose. A life purpose has an inexplicable way of keeping you gliding forward amid any situation or circumstance. Living outside the perimeters of purpose is the main reason why many people always need to be motivated by others to pursue their goals. Purposeful living eliminates stress from life. In doing what you are born to do, you’ll not have to work hard to do it. Instead you’ll find immeasurable pleasure, motivation and fulfilment as you live to fulfill your purpose.

The second key is being responsible for the information you regularly recieve. As mankind, we are products and victims of the information we constantly recieve. Whether we recieve information consciously or unconsciously, it will be stored in the subconscious part of our minds. The subconscious mind is the part of the human mind responsible for how we spontaneously think and act in response to life. It’s susceptibility to received information and repeated lines of thought makes it either a possible helpful or harmful tool at our disposal. For that reason, empowering the subconscious part of the mind calls for the constant feeding of the mind with positive information. 

This initiative will gradually program it to predominantly think in terms of our desires and imaginations instead of being confined within the limitations of logic, mediocrity and history. The possibility to program the mind is based on the psychological principle that defines the human subconscious mind as a defenseless subject to constantly received information and repeated lines of thought. The third key is to constantly relive the most painful experiences of life. Being caught up in the perimeters of existence we in one way or another find ourselves experiencing pain. It may be physical or emotional pain, depending on the circumstances leading to such a horrendous fate. 

Because of the negative impact of pain on us, we preferably would not want to go through it. Sadly, it is not within our power to evade it. In that case, we are bound to undergo this unpleasant experience as long as we are on this planet. Though pain is apparently a terrible experience, it has some positive influence on our ability to act for positive change. A remarkable percentage of all the people who made it to the space of phenomenal personal success had pain as their major motivation to rise up and bring about positive change to their lives.

The fourth key is in drawing inspiration from those whose lives and achievements fan your desire to do and become better. No matter what your goal or dream is, there are always some people to look up to for the inspiration needed to move forward against the odds. Such people may be beyond your reach geographically or socially. However you can possibly connect with them through their biographies and literature. Whilst it remains uncertain to find someone to teach us, we are always guaranteed of having people to learn from. The fifth key is along the same lines. You can keep yourself motivated by staying in touch with people who believe in you. Motivation is a contagious energy. By spending more time with those who know and believe in your potential, you’ll always find the inspiration and strength to move forward towards your intended destiny.

I trust this article is a push-forward inspiration that has left you a step further on your journey to the farthest point of self development and actualization.

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